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Red Cross Tips for Recovering from a Flood

Flood Recovery Tips Return home only when officials have declared the area safe. Before entering your home, look outside for loose power lines, damaged gas lines, foundation cracks, or other damage. Parts of your home may be collapsed or been damaged. Approach entrances carefully. See if porch roofs and overhangs have all their supports. Watch out for wild animals, especially poisonous snakes that may have come into your home with the floodwater. If you smell natural or propane gas or hear a hissing noise, leave immediately and call the fire department. If power lines are down outside your home, do … Continue reading Red Cross Tips for Recovering from a Flood

Promoting Your Perfect Brand

Anne Childers, Staff Writer Businessman Tom Finley learned the value of strategic branding as a 20 year veteran and top producer for Johnson & Johnson. He traveled the country calling on major corporations and noting successful companies kept their brands continuously in front of the public. Tom saw firsthand how consumers are bombarded daily with products and services; and when a business stopped self-promoting, the public moved on to another competitor. He opened his own business, We Love Logos, in 2007 in order to utilize his years of experience and expertise in a field he loves. Tom or assistant Jackie … Continue reading Promoting Your Perfect Brand