Helping Your Kids Master Their Money

By James H. Willis, III Founder and President The Willis Agency, Inc Okay, okay, so most of your kids are grown, I got that! And so are mine. FYI, 28% of seniors are still subsidizing and supporting their grown children. WOWZERS!!!! This is great information to send your family to learn and share with the grandkids. Ha, they are our favorite anyways, right? Look, somebody must teach our children the responsibility of money. It’s powerful, and dangerous as the same time. The schools don’t teach this, the colleges don’t teach this, neither do businesses or churches. Sadly, most families do … Continue reading Helping Your Kids Master Their Money

It’s Complicated

By Keith Chandler, Journey Christian Church Think about how different we are from each other. It’s not surprising we have conflict because we’re all different. We’ve got night people and day people, baseball people and tennis people, coffee people and tea people, cat people and dog people. The same God that put 18 million different snow crystals in every one cubic foot of snow has made every one of us unique and different from one another. The Old Testament has this piece of wisdom about our kids: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they … Continue reading It’s Complicated